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Welcome to the Family

Welcome to the Family

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You´ve responded to God´s call - surrendering yourself to His will - and now your life will never be the same. By becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, you´ve not only secured an eternal home in heaven, but you´ve also begun a one-on-one relationship with the Maker of the universe!
 When you received Jesus as your  Lord an Savior, you became part of His family, one filled with brothers and sisters in the faith - both within your local church as well as around the world.
 This is an exciting time from your shoulders. The gray cloud of hopelessness has left, the light of Christ has penetrated your life, and you´re experiencing life like never before. Dr. John MacArthur wants to be one of the first to welcome you to God´s family and to help you along the way with words of encouragement and with biblical insight and direction ... Welcom to the Family!

What to Expect now that you´re a Christian. John MacArthur