John MacArthur

Called to Lead

26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul
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Think you’re not really a leader? Think again. Leadership means influence. Young or old, man or woman, if you’re a Christian, God has called you to influence others. In your church, your job, your school, your social circle, or the quietness of your home, someone is watching and waiting to follow your lead.

But what does leadership look like in a Christian? Most Christian leadership gurus today look more to corporate America for answers than to Scripture. The result is an unbiblical leadership model that sounds Christian but looks like the world—leadership based on power, personality, manipulation, and coercion.

Drawing on decades of leadership experience, tested and tempered by decades of in-depth study of God’s Word, John MacArthur offers you an alternative model for true, spiritual leadership. In Called to Lead, John explores the life of the ultimate Christian leader, the apostle Paul, and uses Scripture to take on the common myths about what a leader really is and does. You’ll also benefit from John’s wise, practical counsel for budding leaders. A great tool for not only developing your leadership, but also knowing how to recognize godly leadership when you see it.


John’s book includes:


  • 26 biblical characteristics of a genuine leader
  • Help for identifying who is fit to lead, and who isn’t
  • Warnings against the pitfalls that disqualify leaders
  • Leadership principles from the life of Paul, such as taking initiative, motivating others, leading by example, defending your integrity, handling adversity, and much more!

| John MacArthur | Paperback | Thomas Nelson | 26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul


John MacArthur
Called to Lead
26 Leadership Lessons from the Life of the Apostle Paul
Thomas Nelson
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