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Fool's Gold?

Fool's Gold?

John MacArthur

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“Did God really say . . . ?”

Ever since the serpent’s deadly question in the garden, the Word of God has been under attack. You can hear echoes of that same assault today—not only from the culture around us but even from within the professing church. In the face of this onslaught, God’s people must be prepared to hold fast to the truth of His Word. Our victory depends on it.

In Final Word: Why We Need the Bible, John MacArthur defends the trustworthiness and sufficiency of Scripture, equipping you to stand firm in the battle for truth.


Autor: John MacArthur
Titel: Fool's Gold?
Untertitel: Disceaning truth in an age of error

207 Seiten
Crossway, 2007
: 9781433518379

ISBN: 9781433518379