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Only Jesus

Only Jesus

John MacArthur

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Many people believe you can be a Christian without following Jesus. As long as you agree with the mere fact that Christ died for sinners, the reasoning goes, you can live however you want and still be confident that you’ll end up in heaven.

Often, people embrace that view with the best of intentions. They know that salvation is by grace through faith, and they don’t want to nullify that grace by adding a requirement of works. But Jesus Himself taught that the cost of following Him is high—that the way is narrow and few find it. He even said that many who now call Him “Lord” will one day be denied entrance to the kingdom of heaven.

So what does it really mean to be a Christian? What is saving faith? And how should we invite sinners to embrace Christ—as Savior only? Or also as Lord?

In Only Jesus, John MacArthur provides the tools you need to answer those questions confidently and biblically. Sharpen your understanding of the glorious gospel that Christ Himself proclaimed, and deepen your love for Jesus—salvation is found in no one else.


Autor: John MacArthur
Titel: Only Jesus
Untertitel: What It Really Means to Be Saved

173 Seiten
Thomas Nelson, 2019
: 9780785230755

ISBN: 9780785230755